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Vetsie - Pet Care App

This app's purpose is to help pet owners find a veterinarian nearby so they can keep their pets happy and healthy.

The company already had a logo and a color scheme, and they knew what content they wanted for their app.

We suggested and implemented many small but important features to help the client's customers easily navigate the app and get the most out of it.

Services we provided

  • App Icon
  • UI/UX App Design
  • Website Design
  • Motion
  • Website Development
  • Brand Visual

Mobile App for the
Pet Owner

Desktop App for clinics and veterinarians

Don't underestimate the importance of store banners! They are small but important details that make the app effective.

The small, versatile app introduces the product and gives the visitor all the information they need to get started.

The mobile app works well for pet owners while the desktop version is important for the veterinary clinic. So we implemented both.

Social media has become the voice of every product, project, and company! And we took care of that, too.

Branded merchandise—clothes, cups, accessories, and more—helps to build positive associations and evokes feelings of belonging.


Alex Chieng
Web Veterinary Company

While the app has not yet launched, we performed a testing among 5,000 potential clients which commended modern, elegant, and user-friendly design. In addition, investors unanimously supported us after the product presentation. Nixtio agency ensures an effective workflow through clear communication and rapid response times. The team is easy to work with.

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